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Player's Name: Madb
Contact info: AIM twintailmadb, plurk Madbkitty
DW: (not used)

Character: Ronald 'Spoon' Witherspoon
Canon: Dog Soldiers
Version: AU film.
Canon Point: Post!
Age: 33
Gender: Male

Ronald Witherspoon was born the only son to a pair of lower-middle-class people from Hartlepool. He was from late in their lives, unexpected but certainly not unwelcome. The boy was quick, smart, and very loud from the time he was very small. First his parents, and then his school, used the term a handful liberally. His parents were quiet people, Jonathon a carpenter and Ellen a housewife, and their son never, ever failed to baffle and exhaust them.

Ronald, never Ron, entered primary school slightly ahead of his class, and never got much more ahead although he never fell behind. He was too busy dabbling in everything. His scattered focus tightened up a bit due to two things. First, the stories of Robin Hood, specifically Will Scarlett, inspired him to learn how to use a sword. Childish flailing with sticks led to a conversation with his mother that ended with him pointing out he could either get lessons or eventually chop his own toes off. His parents found him teachers from about age ten and he kept with it until he entered the military, even competing in tournaments and giving displays. The second formative incident was running into the concept of a Renaissance man. Ronald tried, very hard, to master the entire list of things that a good Renaissance man would know. He succeeded with physical things, and literature. His art was somewhere between bad and bloody hideous. His attempts at music ended with a series of tutors informing him that he'd be welcomed at bars, but nothing more. He dabbled in poetry, and he dabbled in philosophy, but not enough to really make a mark.

He continued to be a diligent, if not wonderful, student and graduated with perfectly acceptable marks. It was something of an accomplishment, considering that he spent as much time running around with a small band of not-quite hooligans, hanging out with loose girls, and generally raising hell. He started smoking fairly young, although he kept it casual rather than increasing his habit, and he drank too much from the time he could drink. His parents never really understood that, but they loved him anyway. There was a lot of love in that house, even if it was mostly a quiet, undemonstrative love.

He went straight into uni and drank, smoked, and wenched his way to a literature degree. This group of friends and relatives finally managed to nickname him Ron, although his parents never did. He found, and devoured, science fiction and fantasy, often spending nights drinking with friends and watching all kinds of films. Generally, he had a roaring good time and learned like he was a sponge.

After uni he decided to enter the military. Several months before he did he met, and fell for, a woman named Helen Stapleton. They didn't have a whirlwind romance, they simply began dating and had a hell of a good time. In basic he met Cooper, and the two of them became best friends rapidly. Re-nicknamed 'Spoon' by the other blokes in the group, Ronald kept up the drinking, the swordswork, and the pubbing...but remained faithful to Helen. In May of 2001 he proposed to her, and their engagement celebration hit four different pubs before the last of them staggered home.

September of 2001 his unit was picked for a special training session with Sgt. Richard Ryan's Special Operatives squad in the Scottish Highlands. ...I'm going to take a moment here and note that actor Kevin McKidd referred to Dog Soldiers' setting as “magical expanding Scotland” because the geography of the film is impossible by the standards of real Scotland...anyway. The men don't take the exercise terribly seriously at first, telling stories and jokes around the campfire, and even the dead cow smashing into the fire after being driven off a cliff doesn't phase them for too long. In retrospect, Spoon blames the cow for everything that happened afterwards.

Sgt. Wells, the leader of Spoon's little squad, kept them on-task, although they did decide to go nose around where the cow might have come from. They didn't find more cows. They did find Sgt. Ryan's squad. Most of Sgt. Ryan's squad. Spread over a very large patch of land, in very small bits. Ryan himself was gravely injured but the son of a bitch didn't have the decency to die off. After he finished whining loudly and cryptically about “there was only supposed to be one” our heroes (and Ryan) heard something really really big howling.

There's running like hell, and there's falling off a ledge, and Spoon managed to avoid getting run over by a zoologist named Megan who was studying the wildlife in Magical Expanding Scotland, causing her to stop and allowing the men to commandeer her auto. Shit happens, and instead of going towards safety Megan took them to a little house in the woods.

Spoiler: It was the werewolves house. Not so spoiler: they weren't terribly happy about it. Even less spoiler: Pretty much everybody dies over the course of the next while. There's lots of gunfire. Spoon almost gets a sword, shows he can use it, and Cooper takes it away from him. Ryan, infected by his wounds, changed into a werewolf and gets chased out of the house with copious amounts of gunfire. They blow up a car. It was a giant clusterfuck.

When it was down to Spoon, Wells, and Cooper left alive, Spoon distracted the werewolves long enough for the others to get up the stairs, and failed to follow them due to a rapidly clawing werewolf. He ended up in the kitchen. He ended up in a fistfight with a werewolf in the kitchen. Actually he comes really really close to winning a fistfight with a werewolf in the kitchen. Then a second one shows up.

That's where we go AU. The meat of Spoon's right arm is torn off entirely by one or the other of them, and then they get into a sibling-like dispute over who gets to eat the squishy thing. Said squishy thing manages to get his shock-y, traumatized ass into a very small cupboard where he proceeds to pass the fuck out and miss the next while. What happens is that Wells (infected) informs Cooper (not so much) that he needs to survive in order to expose all this shite and sets things up so that he can blow up the house, the werewolves, and himself. There's a moment where Cooper freaks out over Spoon's disappearance and Wells makes a Matrix reference. Yes. This character's entire reason for being was to make a “there is no Spoon” joke. Cooper hides in the cellar with the werewolf family dog and kills wolf-Ryan with a silver letter opener introduced in the first like two minutes of the film.

Things went...almost to plan. Wells got himself thrown free in one of those freak things that happened, the werewolf family contracts a huge case of the “dead”, and the house manages to collapse in such a way that Spoon got massively charred, but not so much dead. His next conscious moment came when he was looking into the eyes of a man wearing the Spec. Ops uniform stating loudly and clearly that there were no survivors.

That's what his friends and family were told, too. To the world, Pvt. Ronald Witherspoon was a dead man. To the scientists involved in the project he was a subject. In the beginning it wasn't too bad. Lots of tests. Lots and lots of tests. The full moons were bad, but they fed the wolf and there was clothing in the morning. He still got fags, although in some ways it was awful because his sense of smell was so very heightened. Still, it made him feel more human. He clung to those things.

When they didn't get what they wanted, the higher ups sent in new men. Doctor Gregory Pretlow and Sgt. Cormac Halifax and their respective staff took over. Bad wasn't a strong enough word for what happened then. Spoon stopped being treated as human, and the humanity of his tormenters was in question as long as he could question. They worked him over with drugs, with pain, with 'experiments'. Nominally they were testing to find out what made a werewolf a werewolf, and if and how it could be controlled. Functionally they were breaking Spoon down into his component parts, mentally and physically.

They could control the man. They could not control the monster. Pretlow dug into his guts, wielding silver scalpels to keep the skin from growing back too fast while he tested the limits of what could be removed without causing death. Inner 'exploration' was done with stainless steel exclusively. Finding out the level of sedatives needed was neither an exact science, nor a priority. So long as Spoon couldn't move, Pretlow was content. The fact that every time the healing factor ate up the drugs faster was only seen as an excuse to shoot him up with even more. Soon enough, naked, Spoon was a map of the human musculature and nervous systems, and sporting the many-times-over recreated scarring of a vivisection. By that point, though, it barely mattered.

At the same time, you see, Halifax was playing “how many bullets can the monster take before shifting?” games, and switching the secure holding room for a cell, then a smaller cell, and eventually a silver-barred cell with air-fresheners on the walls that spit a silver solution into the air if the motion got too strong. It wore down on Spoon's mind until he could barely remember anything. And then until he couldn't remember anything. Not even himself.

October of 2002. Pretlow finally made his last mistake, and the werewolf once self-identifying as Spoon had the craft to feign being drugged up until he could get his claws on the sadist. Pretlow did not survive, the wolf made certain of that. He was almost killed, only the fact that he was still considered an asset kept the soldiers from doing so. The sweep that came in and cleaned Gruniard island up, in a manner of speaking, led to a new doctor being assigned to the project in December of . This doctor, Rosana Ferguson, saw a man rather than a monster. She had Spoon moved to a different facility, on Shuna Island, in hopes that a less laboratory like area would make rehabilitation easier.

She made it her goal to repair what was done, which did not go easily. 'He's no good to us as a ravening monster' was her party-line, but the truth was that she felt she'd seen the reflection of evil when she saw Spoon and she wanted to fix it. Therapy started with simply trying to get him to spend more time in his human form; by that point while he was still forced to transform at the moon, he'd also flip into the wolf at any little startled thing.

In 2004 Sgt. Wells, who had been laying low, laying plans, and generally getting all his ducks in a row had managed a couple of very impressive thing. One was a bloody lot of blackmail on all the right people, one was a strike on Gruniard Island that did not uncover Spoon's existence, but did make Spec. Ops very unhappy and shut most of their other experiments down. What this did for the scientists on Shuna was make them well aware that their time was running out; they were not sure that “We tried” would be good enough to save them if Wells found out what had happened and they couldn't offer a functional person.

September of 2004, three years after his initial infection, Spoon started coming back to himself. There were wide swaths of missing everything. His first word was Sarge, although as much growled as it was spoken. February of 2005 he was declared as good as they were going to get him. His memory was spotty at best, most of his education had holes big enough to drive a lorry through, and he was a nervous, chain-smoking wreck of a man...but he was a man.

Loaded up with a two month supply of haloperidol and diazepam, with documents explaining the cover story for his friends and family, Pvt. Ronald Witherspoon, medical discharge, was remanded into the care of Mrs. Annie Wells. He's coming from just before Mrs. Wells and Dr. Ferguson enter the room after speaking together.

AU ficlets:

Before he was taken by the military and turned into a living weapon, Spoon was a happy man. He liked to joke, he was maybe a little scattered, and he had some very earthy ideas on life, love, and humour. He was quicksilver bright, laughing, but with a core of stability from his early family life that kept him from spiralling into a hedonistic lifestyle that would have ended young and badly. He liked to be centre of attention, he liked to be in the whirl of it all, but his deepest desires were to have his own version of what his parents did: a stable family. A louder one, perhaps, but a stable one.

What came out of Gruniard and Shuna still has remnants of that. Who he was remains hidden under layers of trauma and insanity.

Psychosis, or psychotic episodes, are more a symptom of other things than a diagnosis of their own. These are very different from psychopathic behaviour – which Spoon does not show evidence of. Psychotic episodes are passing, they come and go and between them the person is as normal as they ever are. Psychotic episodes are sometimes linked to sufferers of schizophrenia, although not always. During a psychotic episode there are many different experiences that can be had; Spoon primarily suffers from confusion, emotional volatility, and rapidly changing moods. Psychosis often dissolves when other disorders suffered by the patient are treated.

Spoon has massive anxiety disorders. When faced with decisions he will freeze, his mind unable to take the stress of trying to decide after so long being disallowed from making even the smallest choices. In a tangentally related form of anxiety, he often opens and closes doors seven or eight times before or after going through them simply becasue he can. He will have the need to check on people that he develops ties to, and will have the urge to find a 'pack' - not one made of infection, but rather one made of people that he can care about.

He does have a strong moral centre, and orders that go against those deep-set morals will cause him significant amounts of mental distress. Depending on the severity of the disconnect he might be able to rebel against the orders, although that would also depend on factors such as his attachment to the person giving the orders and how long he's been following them.

He has PTSD. Oh, man does he have PTSD. He will have waking flashbacks, nightmares that are actually sleeping flashbacks, memory problems, guilt, shame, insomnia, being easily startled and frightened, and hallucinations. The hallucinations are generally of his dead comrades, asking why he survived when they didn't.

He is not a dominant person, although the amount of submission that he shows is also not natural. If Spoon were a true wolf, the place that he would have in the pack is that of beta. At current point he will be inclined to follow the orders of anyone who presents as a stable, guiding figure, although the chance for him to imprint on someone is quite high. At this state, and stage of mind, the chance for him to be taken into very dark places is quite high, although with healing he will drift back towards the man he used to be.

He will be inclined to find a group with a single, obvious leader rather than a more democratic group or a single person. This comforts the wolf-instincts that are as much a part of him as anything human. However, his parents did not raise a chauvenist and he will accept a female 'alpha' as easily as he will a male one.

One of his defining personality traits is that he wants to be better. He didn't just want to be a man, he wanted to be a Renaissance man. He didn't just want to be a soldier, he wanted to be a good soldier. And so on, and so-forth. Now? He doesn't just want to be a wreck, he wants to be a man. He wants to control the wolf, not for England, but for himself. He wants to be sane, to get his life back. Perhaps not the life that he had before, but a life.

Doctors in general
Doctor Pretlow
• Spoon was aware when Pretlow started cutting on him. Pretlow knew and enjoyed that. Spoon could smell the pleasure.
• Pretlow is the one who brought the silver cutting implements.
• He used to have things killed by Spoon's cage after starving him, hoping to force changes.
• "All the little fuckin' things went away My fags, my walks, my fuckin' name. He showed up, and I wasn't a man anymore."
• He put silver-loaded sprays in the walls set to motion sensors to see how long it would take before Spoon started pacing before doing exploratory surgery to see what the internal damage was.
Sgt. Halifax
• In charge of the security at Gruniard Island
• A follower of the Ilse Koch school of souvenirs. He liked to keep discarded pieces of Spoon.
• Very, very fond of the “lets shoot him until he shifts shape” game.
• Was not captured or killed, is still at large.
Eating someone (again)
Losing his humanity (again)
Infecting someone
Forgetting his name (again)
Waking up on Gruniard Island
Ticking clocks and alarms (from same)

Silver will burn him badly and leave scars, as well as psychologically traumatizing him.
Control phrases that he reacts to in a programmed manner (“hunt them down”, “Mr. Witherspoon, if you would...”, “Submit”)
He has an addiction to meat which makes it harder to keep the wolf side in check. If prevented from eating vegetables for too long he will go, er. Humanitarian. So to speak.
Forced shifting at the full moon
Uncontrolled shifting when under stress. Not even high levels of stress at this point.
Very easily controlled by strong willed people
Very hard for him to make decisions
Dependency on ant-psychotics and anti-anxiety medication(haloperidol and diazepam)
Chain smoker, he uses this to keep himself from eating people.
He has a hard time focusing and making words stay still to read. Think of it as a trauma-induced dyslexia.
Ditto mathematics.
His sense of smell is so strong that even peppermint gum can knock him scent-blind and dazed
Loud sounds will both disorient him and may cause him to have PTSD flashbacks
Lets revisit that PTSD thing: he has it. Badly. He will flashback at random, reliving things as though he were there again.

Mundane Strengths/Abilities:
Regeneration. If it's cut off with something other than silver, it grows back.
Greater-than-human speed/strength in human form.
Super-human speed/strength in werewolf form.
Military training in general.
He knows how to make a moltov cocktail
He never ever forgets a scent.
Preternatural ability to focus on a task, especially one relating to hunting/fighting/killing
He used to be able to use a sword. Still has the body-memory, but doesn't know that.
First Aid training.

Sensitivity/Magical Ability:
He has the magical sensitivity of a particularly mundane brick. He cannot use any magic what-so-ever. He is, however, a werewolf. Lunar based, with the potential to eventually control it outside of the moon (he will never be able to control it at the full moon). Highly infectious.

Supply List:
Jeans and T-shirt with pocket containing ID papers, ¾ full pack of fags.
Suitcase containing an additional set of clothing and eight more packs of fags.
2 month supply each haloperidol and diazepam

Game Transfers:
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